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West Texas is the destination for sandhill crane hunting in North America. We have a 90 day season, with a generous 3 bird/person/daily bag limit. Crane hunting is consistent from the beginning to the end of the season. Early on, we hunt smaller concentrations of unpressured birds. Mid December though the end of the season some concentrations of cranes are absolutely huge. It is not uncommon to hunt feeds of 4-6k birds. We strictly shoot cranes decoying, in dry fields. Never pass shooting them. We hunt over the newest and best full-body crane decoys on the market out of layout or A-Frame style blinds. This is a bucket list hunt that often turns into an annual trip!

As a company, we guided hunters on just over 2400 sandhill cranes during the 21/22 season.

6 man group minimum, private parties only, that means NO MIXED GROUPS 

$400/gun for half day morning hunts without lodging
$525/gun for half day morning hunts with non inclusive lodging

Evening hunts can be added for $400/gun if the weather and birds allow evening hunting opportunity. Our evening hunting success is solely up to mother nature and current weather.

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